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How We Can Help You in Recruiting

We specialize in recruiting for tech companies, for any position: C-Levels, Engineer to Business. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational company, you’ll have your very own account managers who’ll assist you throughout the hiring process. Save time, money and headache with us!

We bring together market research, data-driven approach and our network of high-caliber talents.

  • Our market research dives deep in examining your company’s position, unique needs and competitors.
  • Based on the data gathered, we’ll offer a tailored approach and advise which skill sets you’d need from your next hire.
  • And finally, with our advanced tools we’ll find the most fitting talents among our broad network.

01/ Contingent Service

A fast and efficient service to help you fulfill your hiring needs. We combine our channels of first-class talents, intense reference checking on background, personality and experience. The result? Profiles of executives who fit your company like a glove. With this service, pay only when the talent is onboard.

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02/ Project-Based Service

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03/ Customized Hiring Service

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The Challenges We Solve

Convincing Talents

Highest-caliber talents, like the ones in our network, are the ones who are hunted instead of hunting for jobs. It can be hard for them to move out of their current job, but our experience & expertise can help with this.

Limited Time

Why waste your time skimming (and skipping) hundreds of CVs when you can focus on what you do best — growing your company? Leave it to us, and we’ll send you only the best few profiles in no time!

Limited Channels

We utilize our comprehensive Internal Tools, Database, Networking & Referral system in order to pool the best talents, ready to board your company.

Tracking Agencies’ Performance

We’ll provide you our weekly reports to track & analyze our hiring progress.

Maintaining Candidates’ Experience

As representatives of your company, during the hiring process we’re obsessed in making the candidates feel as comfortable as possible. We give them regular updates, feedbacks and education abour your company.